Here's a sampling of what participants have said about their Jazzthink experiences over the last year or so – what was most memorable, most helpful, and what they took back to their workplaces.

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"With his strategic and creative mind, as well as his collaborative approach and natural coaching style, he is always demonstrating value in the conversations he is fostering with individuals and teams alike."
Lisa Ryan

"The role of 'provocateur' suits him perfectly. He is passionate about linking ideas related to jazz and leadership in order to increase individual strengths, leadership commitments, and team results."
Bob Hancox

Master Classes
"A conversation facilitated by Brian Fraser is adaptive, safe, positive, curious, respectful, appreciative, and calm. Brian will help you discover what is significant and shift you to where you would like to be."
Teresa Comey

"Brian's thoughtful, light-hearted presentation helped our team identify the essentials of collaborative teamwork. We came away inspired and motivated AND we had fun in the process. We highly recommend Brian and the Jazzthink trio for an insightful, entertaining reflection on productive teamwork."
Greg Ritchey

"Brian is a joy to work with and truly collaborates with his coaching clients, leading you to do the work. He pushes and prods where necessary, always in a positive way. He is a keen listener and links seemingly disparate conversations together to illustrate forward movement and growth... I have made a fundamental shift in my core values that have lead me to great new opportunities in my life and career."
Sarah Duncan

"I called Brian because I was utterly stuck... Brian challenged, guided, and supported me through incredible transformation... I highly recommend Brian if you are looking for someone responsive, respectful, and insightful to help you achieve your personal and professional goals."
Sarah Farina