Master Classes

Lead/Manage with COACHing Skills

When you begin to master COACHing Skills in leading and managing, you create the space for others to contribute their best energy and abilities to improving the performance of your organization. You partner with your colleagues in creating a well-tuned team of performance artists.

This master class will take you through the first steps in developing a COACHing approach to leadership/management that will improve your artistry in aligning people with purpose to generate better possibilities and processes.

This class works best for:

  • Executive directors
  • Senior staff with program or project responsibilities
  • Nonprofit leaders aspiring to great responsibilities

Nonprofit leaders/managers will learn how:

  • to model the way to a positive and productive work environment
  • to create space for everyone to contribute their best, then exceed that
  • to generate a level of employee and board engagement that ramps up results

This master class is designed to enable participants to explore the potential benefits of using COACHing skilols to inspire team members to collaborate and innovate more effectively and more consistently.

It is an approach grounded in curiosity, the most powerful attitude for engaging others to work well together. It is proven to overcome criticism, complaint, and contention by shifting the focus of the conversation to aspiration, contribution, and collaboration.

Participants will review the flow of a COACHing conversation, with compelling stories from Brian's coaching career. They will then practice having a COACHing conversation in triads, with one person coaching, one person being coached, and one person observing. A debrief on that experience will reinforce the lessons learned and the possibilities for improvements.

These classes can run 90-150 minutes. They can stand on their own or be breakout sessions following the Lead/Manage through COACHing Skills KeyNote.

As with all our offerings, we will consult with your organizing team to ensure that our content and approach is specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of your leaders.