Master Classes

Govern Like a Jazz Musician with SMARTer Conversations

Nonprofit board leaders who begin to master SMARTer Conversations in governing will be far more effective in aligning people around purpose to explore possibilities and design processes that will improve the performance of their nonprofits.

This master class will guide you through the initial steps in developing that mastery.

Those who will benefit most are:

  • All nonprofit board members
  • Executive directors and their board chairs together
  • Board-staff teams with responsibilities for major projects

You will learn:

  • A proven approach to enhancing your positive influence throughout the organization
  • The kinds of conversations that will inspire improved performance
  • The aspirations and skills that will build resilience and produce result-based teams.

This master class is designed to surface the wisdom participants already have, then explore the benefits of becoming SMARTer in their use of conversations in their leadership.

The class is facilitated using a coaching approach that models the optimal flow of SMARTer Conversations. Powerful questions focus the attention of participants on their aspirations and strengths. More questions surface a range of barriers that are interfering with the achievement of desired results. Still more questions invite participants to imagine possible ways of using their strengths to overcome their barriers and achieve their aspriations. Finally, participants are encouraged to promise themselves to take simple, concrete steps to improve their leadership conversations when they return to their board tables and workplaces.

These classes can run 90-150 minutes. They can stand on their own or be breakout sessions following the Govern Like a Jazz Musician KeyNote.

As with all our offerings, we will consult with your organizing team to ensure that our content and approach is specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of your leaders.