Govern Like a Jazz Musician

This keynote is composed to provoke board members to govern like jazz musicians and see themselves as improvement artists. You know you are in for something different when the keynote begins with the audience sharing their wisdom on the qualities of great governance they see in the performance of the jazz group. Building on those insights, Dr. Fraser then takes his audience into the best 'chord charts' boards can play through their conversations to ensure that their nonprofits stop floundering and start flourishing.

This keynote works well for:

  • association conferences
  • community foundation annual meetings
  • United Way conferences
  • nonprofit annual meetings
  • board retreats as a kickoff or windup
Nonprofit board members
will learn:

  • the four key elements every board needs to manage
  • the power of the positive to transform their board work
  • the skills they already have to help their nonprofit succeed
  • practical tips for continuous improvement in governing
  • the five essential conversations that generate board flourishing

The keynote is illustrated throughout by stories of the conversations that created flourishing success in the nonprofits Dr. Fraser has led.

This keynote, carefully customized to speak to your specific opportunities and challenges, will inform, enrich, and inspire board members to provoke flourishing nonprofits that transform the world.