Lead/Manage through COACHing Skills

This keynote is composed to provoke senior staff to lead/manage through melodic and harmonious conversations that generate optimal performance. It is built around an acronym for COACH that Dr. Fraser developed for his COACHing Skills course at Douglas College in Coquitlam, BC.

This keynote works well for:

  • senior nonprofit staff
  • executive directors and board chairs together
  • promising leaders
  • staff development days
Nonprofit leaders will learn:

  • ways of talking that elevate teams above complaint, criticism, and contention
  • how COACHing conversations can be build sustainable collaboration
  • the flow of a COACHing conversation
  • how to convene COACHing conversations to generate optimal benefits

Your organization is only as great as the conversations that create it.

If your conversations are bogged down in complaint, criticism, and contention, your organization will flounder and fail. If they are lifted up by curiosity, consideration, and collaboration, your organization will flourish.