Team COACHing with Boards and Staffs

Here is a simple formula for flourishing nonprofits. Positive attitudes that lead to collaborative behaviours will have beneficial consequences. It’s all about ABC – Attitudes, Behaviours, and Consequences.

If you have the attitudes that most people see in the performance of a great jazz group – respect, curiosity, flexibility, trust, appreciation, and tolerance – then you will continually improve the flourishing of your organization. Those attitudes will generate constructive behaviours and good consequences.

Team COACHing with Jazzthink is designed to embed those attitudes and behaviours in your relationships and practices so you can provoke one another to continuous improvement in serving your cause.

Typically, team COACHing begins with a consultation with team members about what they value most about what the organization offers to its customers and to them. Drawing on the team's own language, we compose a 'melody' for the team's work. Then we think through together situations in which those values are challenged, focusing on how the values can provide resilience in achieving positive results in every dimension of the team's collaboration. Often, COACHing is provided for individual team members as well as the team as a whole.

In the final analysis, the quality of teamwork that you generate is determined by the quality of conversations that you have with each other, one conversation after another. If you can imagine, practice, and refine your conversational skills with the help of a coach, your team will definitely generate more positive results.