Individual COACHing for Nonprofit Leaders/Managers

Coaching is a confidential thinking partnership that enhances your contribution to the flourishing of your nonprofit. Brian will provoke you with focused and challenging questions, drawing your attention to the positive potential you have to become a better improvement artist, one conversation after another. You will gain greater clarity and confidence in what you have to offer to your cause.

COACHing for VIBE works best for:

  • Executive directors
  • Senior staff
  • Project leads
  • Board chairs

COACHing for VIBE produces the following benefits:

  • Discovering your aspirations
  • Clarifying your possibilities
  • Focusing on your strengths
  • Dealing with your barriers
  • Executing your plans

COACHing for VIBE for is grounded in the reality that we show up with and for others through our conversations. The most common form of jazz in human experience is ordinary conversation. If you were to pay as much attention to the content, tone, and impact of your conversations as jazz musicians pay to the melody, tone, and impact of their instruments, how much better could you be in achieving your aspirations as a leader/manager? Click here to download Brian's COACHing for VIBE introduction package.